Difference Between a Blog Post and an Article Explained in 5 Minutes

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  • Marie Torro

    Learned a lot from this! Articles sound more professional, but blog posts can be more personal and allows you to connect with your reader on a deeper level.

    • Yes, you’re correct !! Blog Posts are more professional than the articles !!

  • DG

    Nice one! This should all be read somewhere I know where people are misguided about what’s a role of a blogger and a newsfit. Good job on this post.

  • Julia Rose Goldhirsh

    Thanks. I probably use the two words interchangeably, but I know I shouldn’t. This highlights the difference between blog posts and articles well. Great read.

    • Thanks for the support Julia !!

  • Brown James

    Nice article. You made some points quite clear.

  • realist

    I never reasoned this far, i always regard them both as the same

    • Many bloggers (both new and experienced) often regard them as the same.

  • Tanya Bricking Leach

    Sounds like you are explaining the difference between a blogger and a journalist. I don’t think most people get the distinction between blog post and article.

  • Valid point, but so many including myself uses both words describing the same. Have you read my latest blogpost, or hey have you seen my latest article. What’s fact though nowadays? but i get you. thank you for sharing. If it resonates with your readers…its a win for me 🌟

  • Marcie Kenny

    Fabulous read . Some useful information to look at when writing.

  • Thank you for this informative article. The difference is extremely big. Not everybody notices it.